My Work

I work with women in many ways, from promoting visibility, body love & inclusivity to providing boudoir and art nude photography for private clients.

Figurative Art

Celebrating women, strength and sensuality through figurative abstract art. Mainly oil paint, acrylic and mixed media on canvas and paper.


Every woman's idea of embodiment  and empowerment is different. Working one on one with women we discuss the issues of self, being seen by by oneself and by others. The choice to be visible, to be the subject verses being viewed as an object. 

Body Positive Nude

The Goddess Studio is for women who want to build body confidence, see themselves with a fresh perspective, and who want to explore their sensuality through boudoir and art nude photography.

Inner Goddess

There are over 30,000 names for goddess. Goddesses are as ancient as time, Goddesses give us strength and healing.
Continued study and creating new ones through the goddess sketchbook.



Oil and Acrylic Paintings

The major body of work is Oil and Acrylics on canvas. The sub-topics in my work are varied, multilayered, and often with juxtaposed themes. Beauty and death. Decadence and decay. Issues of age and visibility. My work moves from fashion, flowers, and fabulous to sensuality, my Samoan lineage, and justice. Moving forward I want to spend more time on the body-positive nude projects I started but put to the side while setting up the boudoir business. If you're interested in sitting for me, fire me an email. Thanks.

Paper & Mixed Media Art

Watercolour Paper, Fine Art paper, Cardboard, Sketchbooks, Digital canvas, Tshirts, a neighbour's wall, the possibilities of grounds is endless.

The creative heart of my art. I have so many ideas swimming around it's helpful to get them out of my head and down on paper. I have artworks on paper for sale, some are complete pieces on their own, some are interesting paint experiments where I can work quickly on ideas before committing to canvas. And then I have the ongoing Goddess Sketchbook. Sometimes based on clients (with permission) private shoots, art models, volunteers, and women who send me photos, and much more from imagination.

Boudoir and Art Nude Photography

Empowering London Boudoir and Art photographer, for all women 18-80+

Goddess Studio is for women who want to build confidence, see themselves with a fresh perspective, and express their sensuality in a fun, stress-free environment.

If you're considering a goddess session or want to know more about our body positive approach to boudoir and art nudes come join us

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