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Close-up of women's face, oil painting

London artist, painter & photographer 

You alone have the power to create your reality

Art that flows between the real and the imagination, figurative and the abstract world.

and embracing the feminine, diverse beauty, body positivity and sensuality.

I worked with and for women in advertising, fashion, lingerie, marketing, publishing and similar fields. 

They showed me there's nothing wrong with being strong, unapologetic and knowing what you want.

I carried this attitude into my first exhibition, and the reaction was incredibly positive.


"You SEE women" was the best and scariest compliment I've ever received about my art. It makes me feel happy and nervous; I mean, what a statement to live up to in my first year as a practising artist.

Not even two years into my new career, the worldwide covid pandemic hit. No shows, no exhibitions, no socialising. So I kept the goddess sketchbook going and did remote nude & boudoir-inspired commissions while waiting for the world to open up again.


My art is heavily influenced by my Samoan background and the designs of Tapa Cloth, an art traditionally created by generations of pacific island women using geometric patterns and symbols. These influences, combined with inspiration from my partner of 22 years, Kelly, and from the wonderful women I have met and worked with, or occasionally someone famous, lie behind some of the works you see. 

Goddess Studio

Inviting you to discover your inner goddess, 

We unapologetically celebrate women, body positivity and sensuality. There's power in body confidence, and I am here to help you find yours. I'm a London-based photographer following a passion and a purpose to create art that celebrates our clients and their uniqueness.

Close-up of young woman looking at artist.PNG

Energy & emotion 

Paintings, oils, and acrylics on canvas by Falaniko Art.

Pencil drawing of naked woman in lingerie

In the natural light

Showcasing traditional drawing and mixed media on paper.

Black woman posing in lingerie

Empowering you

Sensual boudoir, art nudes & portraits. Book a session with the goddess studio.

Patrick Falaniko Art portrait.jfif

Meet the artist - Patrick Falaniko

"My art is inspired by and dedicated to the goddesses in my life, those that raised me and whom I've worked with over the last 30 years".

I quit my advertising creative director position to become a full-time artist and launched my art practice in January 2018 after my first solo art show at Pictorum gallery. Since then, I've played with printmaking, woodwork, and even sessions at an iron foundry, eventually settling on the smoosh of paint on canvas.

As a person of mixed heritage, representation has always been important to me.

So my art can include women of colour, body positivity and a celebration of the diverse beauty in us all, amongst Polynesian cultural themes, and that's what I aim to capture, irrespective of the media used.

Secondary themes in my art include current affairs, climate, politics, sex, fat-shaming & body policing.

While at my art shop in Wood Street Market in Walthamstow, I discovered a need for body-affirming photography from my visitors. So I set up the Goddess Studio in 2020 (Just in time for the covid lockdown, unfortunately. LOL.) Specialising in boudoir, sensual and art nude photography. I have photographed over 200 women so far, and it sits happily alongside my art practice.

I hope you'd join me on my journey in the future, but for now, please enjoy my work.

painting of woman with black hair and patch over eye

Get in touch

If you're interested in my art, a photo session, or you'd like to connect on a project, please feel free to call me on 07454 727 120 or email me

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