Close-up of women's face, oil painting

An artist 
celebrating women

Falaniko Art - working to empower women in London and beyond.

Inviting you to discover your inner goddess

Celebrating women, body positivity and sensuality

"You SEE women" was the best and scariest compliment I've ever received about my art. It makes me feel happy and nervous, I mean, what a statement to live up to in my first year. Yes, women are awesome, it's not said enough, and I'll be happy if my art career gives me another 30 of working with women.

There's power in body confidence, and I am here to help you find yours. I'm a London-based artist and photographer that's following not only a passion but a purpose to create art that celebrates diverse bodies and their uniqueness.


My art is heavily influenced by my Samoan background and the designs of Tapa Cloth, an art traditionally created by generations of pacific island women using geometric patterns and symbols. These influences, combined with endless inspiration taken from the wonderful women that I have met and worked with throughout my life, lie behind the works you see before you. 

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Energy & emotion in every brushstroke

Paintings, oils, and acrylics on canvas by Falaniko Art.

Pencil drawing of naked woman in lingerie

In the natural form

Using simple materials to showcase the wonder of our goddesses.

Woman looking into camera

Empowering you

See boudoir in a whole new light. Book a session with our goddess studio.

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Meet the artist - Patrick Falaniko

"My art is inspired and dedicated to the goddesses that raised me"

I launched my art in January 2018 after my solo art show at Pictorum gallery. Since then, I've played with printmaking, woodwork, and even hosted sessions at an iron foundry. To me, life art should be about body positivity; a celebration of the diverse beauty in us all, and that's what I aim to capture, irrespective of the media used.


What drives me is doing something useful. I have always donated part of my time and money over the years to good causes as part of my job. The charity I support is Refuge UK, who help women and children escape domestic abuse. I hope you'd join me on my journey in the future but for now, why not enjoy the beauty of my wonderful Goddesses?

painting of woman with black hair and patch over eye

Join my mission

And reconnect with your own sensuality. I'm looking forward to collaborating with individuals from all backgrounds, so if you'd like to connect, please feel free to call me on 07454 727120