We have one life, let's live it with passion, purpose & generosity.
Celebrating Women, Goddess Power, Body Positivity & Sensuality 

Oil and Acrylic


Paper & Mixed Media


Boudoir & Art Nude


Hi, I'm Patrick Falaniko

London Based Artist & Photographer

I launched my art in January 2018 after my solo art show at Pictorum gallery.

So far I have explored many avenues of art, from German expressionism, primitive, outsider art to supreme minimalism (I have some beautifully painted white squares if anyone is keen :) ). 

I've played with printmaking, woodwork and even did a few sessions at an iron foundry.  

Finally, I've settled on a sort of modern pop realism using oil, acrylic, and watercolours as my main mediums.


My art is heavily influenced by my Samoan background and Tapa Cloth Design, an art traditionally created by generations of pacific island women using geometric patterns and symbols. It’s both separate and related to tattooing and woodcarving arts.

My art is inspired and dedicated to the goddesses that raised me, the women in my life, and the wonderful women I've met and worked with over the years as a creative director.

There are over 30,000 names for goddesses across every culture.
Goddesses are as ancient as time, Goddesses give us strength and healing.

Art is a simple but effective way to find joy, and as a relaxing form of meditation to explore my inner imagination through creativity.

I  explore myths, and legends that I love but reinterpreted in my own voice. 

Body positive art

I love to see body positive art and see it as a celebration of the diverse beauty in us all.
I'm probably known as much for my Body Love nude photography as my art and am looking forward to exploring this more in different disciplines.

I'm also interested in working with other healing arts, guest speakers, art model sessions, and other related subjects.

Nude art, fabric, and lingerie.

I find the relationship between body and fabrics fascinating, the play of light and textures, and how it changes our perceptions of what we see and feel is something I'd like to explore more.
My love for fashion & lingerie was rekindled recently after stepping into the most amazing local vintage dress store looking for reference material for a painting and instantly fell in love with all the amazing frocks and accessories. And since women started asking for boudoir I've taken a new look at the relationship between body, fabrics, and how lingerie plays a part in self-perception and body confidence.

My art sits alongside my photography business. The GODDESS STUDIO boudoir and art nude photography for women. 

What drives me is doing something useful, I have always donated part of my time and money over the years to good causes as part of my job.

The charity I support is Refuge UK.
They help women and children escape domestic abuse.

So here I am on a wonderful journey. I've already met some lovely people and clients along the way. I look forward to meeting you in the future.

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